life’s direction is fraught

with riddles

your next clue is in the birds that chirp,

the wind that sighs,

the ducks that mill about,

the time on the clock,

the stranger’s friendly smile,

the gentle sway of the trees,

the freshly brewed coffee,

the big dates,

and little ones,

the interactions with friends long overdue,

the flowers freshly strewn about,

the days you want to quit your job,

the days you actually leave your job,

the days your dad dies,

the days you get married,

the days where yoga saves you,

the clues are all over when you start

to get befuddled

you’re never truly lost



photo by daderot/wikimedia commons. poem inspired by author’s visit to isamu taniguchi garden.

A Japanese garden, a treat for your eyes
Perfect, crisp, elegant, precise
Each stone and tree, planted with purpose
Nature’s elements
At your service

Don’t underestimate the serenity of a place
Hidden among the city’s vast expanse
It is a respite from the hustle
To take a deep breath and explore
Is never a trouble

Bamboo, koi ponds
Even hidden waterfalls
Fresh scents blooming
A melody, manifest
Accept the gift — when will it come again?



Photo by Nathan Dumlao

Never trust someone who does not like cafés

For magic happens

In the simple brewing and making of a drink

Be it the whisking of frothy matcha

Or the cappuccino art

The playlist, if you’re lucky, will put you in a trance

Enrapturing work at second glance

Now that you’ve had that first sip

You can conquer anything

Even if it’s daydreaming

Fortune may bless you

With a marvelous view

Oak trees and Spanish moss

A vibrant city

Even a faraway zoo

There’s no end to the places

A café will prevail

All you need to do is take a trip and remain

Write that story, finish that report

Can you relish in the splendor?



a haiku for little warriors

Photo by Mark Olsen on Unsplash

Three days in a row
She greeted me with laughter
A buzz so loud that

I could not come any
Faster. So rare a sighting
It feels like a gift

Whatever divine
Being orchestrated this
I offer a kiss

In meditation
Glorious, she’s there again
Perhaps reminding

Me to stay playful
Seek joy and silver linings
Therefore, finding bliss

Little warrior
You are full of good omen
Embracing nectar

Inspiring those who
Aren’t even looking, to
Enjoy life pleasures.